Saxon wheel-lock pistol dated 1586.

Saxon wheel-lock pistol dated 1586.




AU - Sam, You Nerd

└ Most people walk past the TARDIS without a second glance but Sam isn’t ‘most people’.

this fits so perfectly what the fuck

[image: Inline image 1]
My new journal I made!

[image: Inline image 2]
I drew this for the cover (I’m Alice)

[image: Inline image 3]
(sorry for the yucky quality) I drew this for the inside cover

[image: Inline image 4]
This is for the inside back cover

[image: Inline image 5]
Every time I see this it reminds me of Welcome to Nightvale, It just needs
to be purple.

So yeah, my old journal that I had commissioned a couple years ago is all
filled up! So I made a new one out of an Alice in Wonderland cover and
bound journal pages that I cut out of a new journal. I love it, but it’s
filling up quick.

Welp, Star is pretty cool. There are a ton of active families and the ward
is bursting at the seams. Everyone is just waiting for the ward to split. I
also was able to see a missionary homecoming. One of the ward missionary’s
son came back from Argentina and gave his homecoming talk. It was pretty

My new District is pretty cool, Especially Elder Freeze and Elder Lera, who
both love anime. Elder Meachum, who was in my MTC district is there too.
I’m excited to see who all is in my zone, hopefully today.

So, I love mail. Like, almost more than investigators. Ok, that’s a bit of
a stretch, how about almost as much as I love food. If you send me an email
or a letter I will FOR SURE email or write you back. So here is my address

Sister Kristen Kingsolver
Idaho Boise Mission
1111 South Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 83709

If you want to email me you HAVE to use this email, I can not use my
personal email, or answer asks on tumblr.

I love you all! have a great week!

kingsolver missio 6 mission

- Kuroshitsuji ED 1 -

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Annie on a glass case of emotions.
Flat version here


Annie on a glass case of emotions.

Flat version here




*spits out candy*

What can I say, Cecil. You must be made of Florine, Iodine, and Neon, because you are FINe. 

I surrender.


Heart Necklace

A beautifully intricate sterling silver heart shown anatomically correct is strung on a dainty sterling silver chain. A perfect every day necklace to be worn alone or layered



Heart Necklace

A beautifully intricate sterling silver heart shown anatomically correct is strung on a dainty sterling silver chain. A perfect every day necklace to be worn alone or layered



I couldn’t resist.



*3d maneuver gears self out of uncomfortable situations*




So one of my favorite things about WALL-E is how, even though it takes place in a future where humans have screwed up the Earth big-time, and we’re living in this impersonal complacency dystopia and everything, all the human characters (or at least the ones we meet at the time of the narrative) are good people.

And like, in that vein, I love Captain McCrea’s arc—his sense of wonder at discovering the vast, complicated beauty of our Earth; his shift, when his romantic notions are shattered, not to despair but to heroism; the way he takes on the true meaning of what has been a cushy figurehead position, and becomes a real decision-maker and leader.

But another thing that always really catches my attention is the little scenes when WALL-E meets John and Mary.  WALL-E doesn’t look or act like the Axiom robots, so they both react to him with some confusion—but at the same time, they automatically return his politeness.  Just by the simple act of exchanging names, they accept WALL-E’s invitation to engage with him, and they begin to count him as a friend.  John and Mary don’t do anything big to impact the main conflict or anything.  But it means a lot that when their routines are interrupted by a strange robot, their first impulse isn’t to be annoyed or suspicious, but to be friendly and nice without a second thought.

And these positive qualities aren’t limited to the humans that have been directly touched by WALL-E’s eccentricity.  When the deck tilts in the climactic scene, everyone reaches out and tries to help each other.  Everyone cheers for the captain when he stands up to AUTO; everyone feels for WALL-E and EVE in their moment of tragedy.  And everyone seems excited and hopeful about the prospect of returning to Earth and starting something new.

I just really love the optimism in this movie.  I love how the story posits that being kind and caring and curious and brave really is the natural state of humanity, and it’s just that sometimes we need a little push to remind us of that.

This analysis actually made me cry almost as much as the movie.

No pictures this week, because I was TRANSFERRED, and my card reader is

This week started off really well and then pittered off. That’s OK, I’m
still truckin’. A couple weeks ago Sister Heaton and I received a call from
a set of elders in our district. They were stopped by this guy while they
were at the store. It turns out he is a return missionary and has an aunt
in our area that he thought we should go visit. The elders didn’t get his
phone number, or even his name, just told us the name of his aunt. We
looked up her name in our ward directory only to find out she was labeled
as a “Do Not Contact” which means she has asked not to be contacted by the
church. When I read “DNC” I envision someone shouting at me from their
door, throwing things at us as we run from their doorstep and hearing the
bang of the door slamming. Not that it’s ever happened to me (well, the
shouting has, and the door slamming), but that’s what I picture. It was
safe to say I had a little apprehension at the thought of visiting her.
Sister Heaton and I decided to pray about it and fasted that Sunday to see
if we should see her or how we should approach her. Peace and calm came
over us and we believed the answer to be yes, that she was ready to
progress and needed us there, but on the how, we weren’t sure. The
scripture Mark 13:11 came into my mind and we decided just to see what
happens. We tried to visit her, often, and at different times. She was just
never home. After a particularly unproductive night this week we decided to
go and see her. My heart was pounding as we walked up to the door and my
familiar vision of an angry face and being chased off the porch came into
my mind. I tried to breath and remember the confirmation that the Lord gave
us that she was ready. We knocked and a kind, friendly woman opened the
door. No shouting, no throwing things. She asked us about our families, how
long we’d been out, and even invited us back. It was excellent and I was so
happy I was able to meet her.

We also was able meet a family in Hidden Springs who were building a play
set. We spied a man and a woman on a tall wooden structure drilling and
asked asked if they wanted some help. “Are you missionaries?” I told him
yes, “Mormon missionaries?” Again I said yes. He looked at the woman and
then said we could go help. We quickly changed into our work cloths and got
to work. It turns out that the man and his wife are active members in Utah,
and came over that week to help his daughter build this play set. His
daughter is not active in the church and married to a non member. They have
three great kids too. It was fun helping out and playing with their

What did you all think of Conference? I thought it was fantastic. They
focused a lot on families and also on the youth, which I think was great. I
know that these talks were inspired and that nothing was said on accident!
In one of the talks all the members were asked to read Preach My Gospel,
the missionary manual. I know that Preach My Gospel is a fantastic resource
for everyone. Not only does it help someone better understand the Doctrine
of Christ, but also has things to help study and understand how to help
people. If you would like to read or download a copy, here is the website!

I know as you study and read this book you will gain a better understanding
and knowledge of the gospel and what it means to be a missionary, including
member missionaries!

Last on the agenda, I WAS TRANSFERRED! I am now in the Star 6 area and my
new companion is Sister Young, a 20 year old from North Carolina. She’s
been out nine months, but since she doesn’t have a licence I get to drive.
Back behind the wheel, watch out world! I’m sure it will be great!

kingsolver missio 6 mission





The New York Subway Signs Experiment

"NYC subways have a strange rule. We took advantage of it."

This is cute. Also, I didn’t know that.


Is it weird that stuff like this makes me cry like I’m almost crying




So here’s the thing:  Crowley is clearly demonic.  He was a son of a witch in 18th century Scotland, sold his soul, died, went to hell…Became a demon and then became King of Hell.

But he also had a ‘thing’ with Naomi in Mesopotamia.   Sooooo…couldn’t he be a fallen angel like Anna?  I mean, how did she know what to do?  Someone had to do it first, right?

So, Crowley…  You were an angel.  Became disaffected.  Ripped out your Grace.  Fell.  Was reborn as a human.  Learned magic.  Sold your soul.  Died, went to Hell and became a demon.  

And at some point, recovered all your memories.  Cool. 

I’m just going to leave this here.

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to be honest, i’m supremely disappointed this didn’t get more notes

I am cackling like a moron.

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